Light Machinery – Complications in Lamps

Unique lamps for car enthusiasts After a highly competitive run in historic racing, 3 wheel Morgan driver Jeff Jacobson is using his passion for precision machines to create extraordinary lamps in his home workshop in West Cornwall, CT, and which we have now the pleasure to display in our showroom. The Light Machinery, [...]

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A Quick Guide to our New Website

We are delighted to introduce our new website, where you can take a complete look at the world of Architectural Accents; our services, our residential design work, our antique and reproduction products, as well as a robust set of articles and features that show the past and present endeavours of our company. The home page [...]

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The Sea Island garden in Flower Magazine

"Charles Nevinson of Atlanta’s Architectural Accents transforms a Sea Island, Georgia property into a medley of intriguing outdoor spaces with sculptural surprises around every corner" Writes Margot Shaw, editor-in-chief of Flower Magazine for the Fresh Style article in their 10th anniversary issue. An account of the creative process behind one of our most recent [...]

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